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Lorenzo Mancini maintains an updated and more capable version of this project. This page and its associated files are kept around for reference purposes.

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Python 2.5 running in the Dualis emulator.  Why did importing the site module fail?  Because Dialis is not a real homebrew device and does not have the libraries which would otherwise be available. This is a port of Python 2.5 to the Nintendo DS. However before you read further there are a couple of important things to know.

Downloads and Instructions

If all you are interested in is running Python on your Nintendo DS in order to play with it or to verify that it actually works as I claim it does, you can download precompiled roms in ''. However be aware that it only has built in support for the compact flash Supercard. If you want it to have support for your homebrew device, then you need to patch it yourself via the now standard route of dlditool.

If you want to develop this port further or just compile it yourself, all of the source code needed is found in the 'NDSPython25-src.tar.bz2' as well as complete instructions on how to go about it.

And if you just want to embed Python in your own application you can download the precompiled static library in '' and link against that. However you will probably still need the provided Python source code in 'NDSPython25-src.tar.bz2' for the headers. You can also use this static library to avoid compiling Python yourself.

NDSPython25.zipThe NDS Python binaries548,333 bytes
NDSPython25-src.tar.bz2The NDS Python source code9,257,293 bytes
libpython25.zipPrecompiled static library for Stackless Python 2.52,167,063 bytes

Additional Work Required

As mentioned above, this port is not very useful and needs the DS hardware to be exposed to it. However this requires a lot of work which I do not have time to do myself. If you want this work done I encourage you to give me some incentive by either contacting me and sending me an up to date homebrew device, or buying something on my Amazon wishlist.

Here are some of the tasks which you might wish to take up or which you might wish to donate something to give me incentive to spend time on:

Stackless Python

As you will have noticed this is a port of Stackless Python. You can learn more about how it differs from normal Python by reading its website.

It might be of interest to note that unless you choose to access the extra functionality which Stackless Python provices NDS Python should be appear identical to normal Python.


Python 2.5 (28th January 2007)

Python 2.5 (8th January 2007)

Python 2.4.3 (March 2006)



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