{MUD} Expanding the mud list

Alex Oren alexo at sapiens.com
Sun Aug 25 07:40:14 New Zealand Standard Time 1996


Congrats to Wout on the list (just hurry with the digest mode please)

BTW, I have a list of addresses of people who participated in the "design group"
of the (now defunct) Java MUD mailing list.
Maybe some of them will be interested to participate here too.

    Nathan Barnett <bignate at internext.com>
    Dmitri Kondratiev <dima at paragraph.com>
    Ray Reaux <reaux at csgrad.cs.vt.edu>
    Joan Maria Mas Ribes <mas at tele.ucl.ac.be>
    Sean Kelly <skelly at interramp.com>
    John R. Winans <winans at aps.anl.gov>
    Rajesh Thakkar <rajesht at boxer.com>
    John_Guo <John_Guo at sonymusic.com>
    Scott Christley <scottc at ocbi.com>

Have fun,

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