{MUD} Re: Misc MUD issues

Alex Oren alexo at sapiens.com
Sun Aug 25 08:21:50 New Zealand Standard Time 1996

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On Thu, 22 Aug 1996 15:31:23 -0700, Chris Lawrence wrote:

} > } > I think I'll ask Demos as well (when I find his email).
} >
} > I already contacted him.
} >
} > He appeared willing to cooperate so I await his answers (which I'll
} > forward to you).
} Great!

} > [Me:]
} > Are you saying that a player who's skills are *worse* than the default
} > fighting routines will have a *higher* chance of winning?
} [JCL:]
} No, not necessarily.  While human controlled combatant *can* be worse than the
} automation routines, I want to make controlled combat skills attractive.

I feel that controlled combat should be more attractive to newbies then to
veterans. But then, I don't feel that the game should be cantered around combat

} I'm assuming above that B fights without any skill, but that his actions are
} slightly topical to the combat at hand (eg at least tries to dodge the hammer
} coming at his head instead of taking of his helm and walking onto his sword in
} the mean time).

This approach will probably give more weight to typing speed than to strategy
and tactics.

Have fun,

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