{MUD} Re: Wout's mailing list.

Alex Oren alexo at sapiens.com
Sun Aug 25 09:14:33 New Zealand Standard Time 1996

On Sat, 24 Aug 96 11:36:39 -0700, JCL wrote:

} cg at ami-cg.graysage.edmonton.ab.ca (Chris Gray) said:
} >Gack, 43 messages today.
} Quite.
} I wonder if we should mention the list in say alt.mud.programming?

Probably not.

I don't know if it's significant but after posting a couple of questions there,
I got 3 email replies and no followups.

} My
} preference would for keeping the list invitation only as an aide to
} keeping the signal to noise ratio up.


Although it seems to be deteriorating already ;-(

Some of the people who participated in the "Different MUD drivers (no flames)"
thread will be more than welcome, IMHO.

BTW Chris, I hope you don't mind me abbreviating your name as 'JCL', with your
relation to IBM and all...

Have fun,

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