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Chris Lawrence clawrenc at xsvr1.cup.hp.com
Mon Aug 26 09:41:17 New Zealand Standard Time 1996

On Aug 25,  8:21am, Alex Oren wrote:

> But then, I don't feel that the game should be cantered around combat
> anyway.

Agreed, as you've probably guess from my posts in Skill Based Systems on

> [JCL:]
> } I'm assuming above that B fights without any skill, but that his actions
> } are slightly topical to the combat at hand (eg at least tries to dodge
> } the hammer coming at his head instead of taking off his helm and walking
> } onto his sword in the mean time).
> This approach will probably give more weight to typing speed than to strategy
> and tactics.

<<Please note that the above example for B was meant to suggest a player who
does far more to kill himself than actually damage his opponent>>

Again, I feel this depends on pacing far more than anything else.  Ignoring the
complexity and typing ease of the required commands, if combat rounds run at,
say, 1 per second, then yes, the short lag, fast typist etc will have a massive
advantage.  If combat runs at 15 seconds per round (possibly taking the other
extreme), then there's quite a bit of time to develop a thoughful approach to
your attack/defense.

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