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Chris Lawrence clawrenc at xsvr1.cup.hp.com
Mon Aug 26 10:11:57 New Zealand Standard Time 1996

On Aug 25,  9:20am, Alex Oren wrote:
> On Thu, 22 Aug 1996 15:39:31 -0700, ChrisL wrote:

> } Diagrammed:
> }
> }   Event #1 starts processing.
> }     Event #1 creates $Bubba.
> }     Event #1 calls $Bubba.haircolour("brown")
> }     Event #1 sets up Event #2 in its C&C success list.
> }   Event #1 (eventually) C&C's successfully.
> }     $Bubba is committed with brown hair.
> }
> }   Event #2 ripens and starts processing.
> }     Event #1 calls $Bubba.haircolour("white")
> }   Event #2 (eventually) C&C's successfully.
> }     $Bubba is committed with white hair.
> }
> } The basic idea is that an event can define a number of other events
> } whihc are to be logged if the current event suceeds or fails.
> Does it done automatically or does the coder have to explicitly write
> something like:
> 	if Event_Successful then ...

Largely semantic details, but my current implementation is of the form:

  at_exit (E_SUCCESS, object.method, args...)

  at_exit (E_FAILURE, object.method, args...)

Where multiple events can be queued for each state.

> So, the stuff that has to be buffered until the successful C&C is:
>   - I/O (outbound)
>   - Starting of new events

Anything done to an object (create, change, destroy)
Any IO (I send IO as seperate events chained off E_SUCCESS as above)
Dependant events (ie the at_exit stuff above)

> Did I miss any?

That seems pretty compleat.

> (I think that no special treatment is needed for creating/destroying objects,
> since they may be created in the cache and written tto tthe DB along with the
> other C&C changes).

That is my assumption, tho the DB needs to be explicitly tailored to handle
this, and to temporarily assign and reserve valid ObjectIDs.  Object creates
and destroys are really of a different class of DB-level events than object
content changes.

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