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Chris Lawrence clawrenc at xsvr1.cup.hp.com
Mon Aug 26 14:09:39 New Zealand Standard Time 1996

On Aug 26,  7:07pm, Alex Oren wrote:
> On Mon, 26 Aug 1996 10:11:57 -0700, JCL wrote:

> } Object creates
> } and destroys are really of a different class of DB-level events than object
> } content changes.
> Which brings me to a discussion we were having on a different thread: having
> properties as parts of the object or as standalone objects.
> Consider:
> Assume three properties on the PLAYER object: Inventory, Gold and Hits.
>    [Bubba, Bozo and Googoo are in a room]
>    Googoo> drop sword
>    Bubba> give 20 coins to Googoo
>    Bozo> kill Googoo
> All three commands invoke events that change the state of the Googoo
> object, possibly failing and re-executing due to C&C contention. The events
> will have to be executed serially.

Not true, if Bubba, GooGoo, and Bozo are different players or objects.  At the
system level the order of entry for the above three commands is indeterminate.
 Bubba can't know that GooGoo droped the sword until the DropSword event
compleats.  Ditto for Boza and Bubba's coins.

At the system level all three commands can be considered simultaneous and
processed (compleated) in any order.  The only contention which could arise in
the above would be over te GooGoo object and containment changes due to the
coins.  Not a problem as the event just gets resceduled and executes then.
 Whether the combat starts before or after GooGoo gets the coins is also moot,
for the same reasons.

The only area I see any need of strict sequential ordering is in the processing
of commands or events arising from the same object.

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