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Alex Oren alexo at sapiens.com
Mon Aug 26 17:53:59 New Zealand Standard Time 1996

On Mon, 26 Aug 1996 09:02:28 -0700, JCL wrote:

} I think Alex had the right idea is saying that be default all commands should
} be forced to compleat in entry order.  His suggestion of also not starting
} processing on one until the prior command compleats is tantalising[...]

A direct requirement of the C&C model.
An event that didn't successfully complete does not exist.

} My idea is that a command resulting in an event which does
} not call a method on the same object as the event it is sequentially dependant
} on, may start processing prior to the event it depends on compleating first
} compleating.
} ie
}   Given the following sequence of entered commands:
}     > #1
}     > #2
}     > #3
}   Where those commands result in events A, B and C respectively, and
}     where event A calls a method on ObjectX, event B calls a method
}     on ObjectX, and event C calls a method on ObjectY.
}   A will start processing.
}   B cannot start processing until A compleats.
}   C may start processing before B compleats.

Some questions:

1) Event C calls a method on objectY, which calls a method on objectZ, which 
   calls a method on objectX. How will you handle?

2) You mention events that are the result of commands.
   What about events that result from mob programs, user-written scrips, etc.?

3) Consider the following sequence of commands:

      [Bubba is naked, has 1 HP left]
      #100> north
      You enter the dragon's cave.
      There's a sleeping dragon here.
      There's the magical amulet of invulnerability here.
      #101> get amulet
      #102> kill dragon

   Serialization is needed. How will you handle?

Have fun,

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