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:On 29/03/97 at 09:10 AM, Michael Hohensee
:<michael at> said:
:>	After diddling around with C for half a year, I started to write 
:>what I call AeMud.  The acronym stands for Arbitrarily Expandable
:>MUD.   And, as you may have guessed, the idea was to make it so that
:>new things  would be easy to add.

Ah, _that's_ what "Ae" stands for.

:I've not actually assigned a name to my server.  Way back in the dawns
:of time it was named the "Black Hat MUD Server" due to my penchant for
:fedoras, but that only lasted for the first couple weeks of
:development.  Since then it was called "Murkle" for all of about a
:week, and then nothing.  I guess I ought to name it some day.

Well, so far, I've got Physmud++ (physmud is the account name in which the
original ROM that ran Singularity 1 was kept, and when I wrote the first
version of the C++ based source, it was there as well. The name sort of
stuck.) and NERD(tm)... Networked Emulated Reality Driver(threaded,
multiuser). I kind of like NERD(tm)... just about exactly sums up my
feelings regarding the proliferation of M** acronyms out there. (Mine's an
N**, so there!)

:>	A way of treating all objects (players, creatures, rooms, etc) as 
:>if they were the same for certain common uses. (common-use being
:>defined  as anything you want everyone to be able to do.)
:Hehn.  I actually make no distinction among players, mobiles, rooms,
:objects, utility objects, etc.  There are just no unique object types. 
:They're all the same to the server.

I make a huge distinction... Things... Items... are all the same, but
Characters are not their bodies, they are the mind behind the body (which
is composed of Items) and Rooms are just a type of Location, as are the
interiors of containers, and countless ofther things.

:>	Some of the cute things I've done with it are to make some really 
:>interactive portals, and liquids that spill out of containers.
:How do you handle your liquids?  I have liquids which just do ajacent
:space counts ala "There are X units of liquid here, and Y units over
:there, to even things out X-Y/2 need to move..." etc.  This often
:resulted in one unit ripples, but was prerty tame for handling
:stream-type flows.

Hmmm. My liquids are just a classification for materials, and are managed
by cloning of the original liquid, minus the mass, and moving mass over to
the second body. Mass is not a unitary value... or maybe it is, I can't
tell without going within encapsulation, and I'm too lazy to open the
actual file right now. In any case, liquids use gravity as a mass
relocation motivator, same as everything else... they just do it in parts.

:>	I've mostly stopped working on it these days, due to less time  and
:>lack of ideas (sigh, burnout is dull.)
:That won't last here.

He speaks true. Every time I start to think I've got a Really Cool
Codebase(tm) these guys go and make me feel like I've got to redo the
whole thing better.

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