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Dan Mazeau dmazeau at
Tue Apr 1 13:17:48 New Zealand Daylight Time 1997

        Hell, as long as everyone else is doing it.. I suppose I should
introduce myself as well. I was introduced to this list by Nathan Yospe,
whom I've been working with, and learning from, for the past year or so.
I've been on the list for the past 150 messages (give or take) but I havent
been in a talkative mood. :P I'd consider myself a programming journeyman,
with much to still learn, yet my time has been portioned toward independant
study in physics and math and regular school work lately, leaving little
(read: no) time to pursue my programming. I've admined on several MUDs and
one MUSH. I worked at Singularity 1 and I will be helping Nathan out with
Physmud++, assuming he ever settles down without rewriting it constantly.
*grin* I'm 17 and I reside in 'sunny' California. My turn-offs include: Imps
who advertize stock ROMs as 'an amazing new MUD, with 5... no 6! Different
races!' as well as just about every flavor of 'C++ is just C with objects'
proponents. I suppose that about sums it up. I will probably still remain
quiet until something catches my eye, but if you want to reach me, I'll be

Dan Mazeau
dmazeau at

"When a man's education is finished, he is finished."  - E.A. Filene.

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