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Completely lost the gist of what's going on.  I'll attempt a reply...

On Thu, 27 Mar 1997, Adam Wiggins wrote:

[stuff about admining individual combat which scares me and I accidently
deleted :) ]

> This is great but my time availibilty is too eratic to either admin or
> play something like this, plus it gets away from my number one desire which is
> a consistant world.  (Hard for humans, especially many of them, to be dead
> on consistant, while it is quite easy for a computer that is programmed well.)

I didn't intend to admin down to *that* detail!  Waaaay over the top for
me!  My intention was to build a world, when coders construct an area,
they'll write a story on what, why, when, etc then code the area (all the
usual approval red tape and general admin vs. coder bitch, bitch, bitch).
If I could make time for it, I'll code an one off quest which I would then
run (dragging along a few coders to act out NPCs).  I don't have 
any individual quest plots readied, if the players go about changing the
landscape of the mud, I'll engineer a quest around the changes, or maybe
even take advantage of the changes and incorporate them (well, I think
I'll have to really).

At the end of the day, the result of the quests from the mud will end up
in my little universe.  I can't write a story to save my life, so this is
the alternative.

> > About those terminal codes:  How come in tintin, I don't get scrollback
> > (if I slid the slider bar on the side of the window) but in tf I do?  This
> > is on a Mac.  Anyone torn them apart to see what codes they use?  I
> I assume you someone compiled tintin to work on the mac or there is a
> Macintosh distribution of tintin...in that case I'd say it's because tintin
> doesn't support any sort of windowing functionality.  It's designed
> for a character-based system.  Now if you were using a Mac-based telnet
> program (in conjunction with PPP) or a Mac terminal program to connect
> to a UNIX system, which was then running tintin, your scrollbars should
> work fine.

I'm using tintin via Mac-based telnet.  The scrollbars still disagree with
the program.  It *could* be a program bug/feature.

Regarding naming my mud, I'm calling it Ren atm.  Sometimes I call it
Bernard (generic name for anything I work on).  Other times Bob.  The mud
name, when/if it opens will be Renaissance but I don't think I'll name the
driver that for fear of being called pretentious.

PS:  About support for the mailing list, an archive of all the past posts
will be extremely useful, esp considering the blitz on invitations.

PPS:  If this is implemented, could it be split up by month?  There's an
awful lot of postings going on each second.

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