Shawn Halpenny malachai at
Thu Apr 3 12:37:39 New Zealand Daylight Time 1997

Hello, all :)  This is my first (and thus introductory) post to this
list so here's a bit of background about myself:

    I started mudding a couple years ago, frequenting a somewhat-modified
ROM 2.3 (on which I've been lucky/cursed enough to become a CREator),
have built a couple small areas, and essentially whetted my appetite
to admin my own world.  Got tired of being held back by the code when
I wanted to do something fun and original, so I decided to write my
own from scratch.  I'm still very much in the design stage, having
vowed not to write any code until I have a mostly complete design (how
strong is my resolve?).  I'm working on an event-driven model with
built-in scripting, etc., etc...  a lot of the same sort of stuff that
(from what I've gleaned from posts in r.g.m.diku and r.g.m.admin) most
of you are working on as well.  I've mostly lurked in the *mud*
newsgroups, posting occasionally when I had something to offer (and
discouraged by the amount of noise).  I thank you for the offer to
join the fold and look forward to conjecturing, positing, theorizing
and (thankfully) not proselytizing.

Well, that's enough noise :)

Shawn Halpenny - C++ fanatic and C afficionado

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