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Fri Apr 4 08:55:06 New Zealand Daylight Time 1997

(sorry about the pun in the subject... hehehe)

hmm..  well, My name is Greg Underwood (Gwar occasionaly), and I've been here
for a while.  I started on computers sometime in the first grade and haven't
ever really given them up (my dad was/is a programmer, go figgure).  I started
my formal training in High School with a Pascal class but I didn't let that
get me down for too long.  About 3.5 years ago I started hanging out on talkers
but soon graduated to MUDing on Sanctuary, a merc/rom/diku with a strong player
base but not much in the imp department.  After about 3 months of that I heard
about a group of people who got sick of the imps on sanc and were starting up
their own Mud, so I dropped by and offered up my services as a programmer.  I
worked on what was to become Eternity of Discord (EOD) for about a year before
it died when the owner got sick of it (several of the players didn't want to
drop it and I know of atleast 2 spinoffs, but that's neither here nor there).
Round about the beginning of october of last year I started looking into
working on my departmental honors requreiments and got to talking about ways to
improve existing muds with a friend.  About a year and half, 3x4 credit hour
classes and a 35 page paper later, I'm still heavily in the design phase of
many of the concepts but the main ideas revolve around building a system that
will support several different clients and building a multi-processing
environment for the game mechanics.  I've just started re-working the original
partial incarnation of the system to an OO design, and I just started my DB
class which has given me a lot of ideas on how to handle things that were
bothering me before.
I tend to lurk more than post, mainly because I'm holding down an 8-5 job and
taking 6 credithrs of classes at the same time, trying to finish this bloody
degree off!  :)

Welcome to the list.  :)


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