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Walter Goodwin jgoodwin at
Fri Apr 4 11:40:18 New Zealand Daylight Time 1997

  Hello, I'm W. Jason Goodwin, and am a new person on the list.  I'm
relatively new to coding muds (and coding in general actually :).
I first started mudding in either late 94 or early 95 (most likely
the latter) and poured hours upon hours into it while letting my GPA
drop like a rock :)  Over that summer I didn't have an isp (or computer :)
and so that habit was broke.  I didn't really get involved with muds
again for another year, and that was when I finally got my own computer,
installed linux on it, downloaded a bunch of code bases, and started
fiddling.  I'm another member of the "I thought coding a mud would
help me to learn C crowd".  I haven't really been a part of any popular
muds, and have bounced around from project to project.
  My main fascination with muds stems from the same fascination with games
in general.  I've played a wide assortment of card/board/role playing
games, and can sometimes actually win :)  Currently I'm jobless and am
in college studying Nulcear Engineering (hah, actually I'm taking CS
courses since I plan to switch majors, though I did take one semester
worth of classes from NE :)  Hmm, other than that, my main hobbies
include games (especially computer games), watching TV, writing, and
occasionally taking a walk to clear my head.

Jason "And I've seen enough X-files to be worried about statements
  like this "We have several new people on the list, the majority of
  the ones we were trying to acquire, I believe..."" Goodwin
jgoodwin at

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