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On 29/03/97 at 01:01 AM, Greg Munt <greg at uni-corn.demon.co.uk> said:

>Hi. I guess I'm a newbie all over again now, oh the thrill :)

No raucous virginity jokes please.

>Nathan Yospe recently invited me to the list, so here's where i came


>One of the main objectives of Frontiers is to combat what I see as the
>major failings of the mud 'industry' (if I may call it that), which is
>mainly the 'family tree' of muds...

It is a major unstated purpose of this list, that by housing an almost
pure signal MUD Design discussion that we can break that mo(u)ld.

>...because most people use code bases,
>there is little innovation in mud design (my feelings on this are
>summaried quite well in the 'Stock Muds Considered Harmful' USENET

A side comment to which regarding the setups here for the list:

-- I'm in the middle of moving the list to Steward, a majordomo-ish afair. 
There's only one technical hurdle remaining to this happening (LDA vs SMTP
server configuration).  A major benefit once it is done will be digest
modes and monthly archives (everything to date for this list will be in
one archive.  I may force all of Wout's and the prior CC'ed list into
another archive, but I doubt it)

-- I have an FTPbyMail server mostly set up.  This will enable archives,
data blobs, notes, commonly referenced files, codebases etc to be email
requested by list members.  (Sorry, I don't have a real FTP site available
__yet__.  I am also looking into various possibilities for a for-real
WebSite for the list).

-- Yesterday I setup a local NNTP server here on the dial-up connection. 
As I type it is grabbing most all of r.g.mud.*.  Sometime today or
tomorrow I'm going to gateway this list to a local (ie non-exported)
newsgroup on that server.  Sometime next weekend (I start a new contract
at HP on Tuesday, so time will be tight), depending on how getting Steward
setup goes, I hope to set up a news->list gateway, which would allow
specified posts here to be auto-posted on the relevant r.g.m.* groups (I'm
still debating the wisdom of this last, but its well suited for another
list I host).  If I do do this latter, it would allow easy auto-crossing
of such threads/posts to the list.

>Anyway, I'd better stop here. I've already got carried away *far* too
>much for a 'short introduction', and yet I could write so much more...

Err, we're well known for very long posts -- especially me once I get into
quote mode, dozens of K fly by at a snap.

>Anyway, thanks for listening. I love the idea of being able to kick
>around some ideas with like-minded people; but from the length of the
>above, I assume you guessed that :)


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