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On 02/04/97 at 07:50 PM, Furball <K.L.Lo-94 at student.lut.ac.uk> said:

>PS:  About support for the mailing list, an archive of all the past posts
>will be extremely useful, esp considering the blitz on invitations.

We're up to 22 subscribers FWLIW.

Its in the works.  I just need to rewrite the delivery agent for Steward
(the original expects an SMTP server on the host machine, which I'm NOT
willing to set up).  Once we're under Steward, archives and digests come
(almost) for free.  Of course I then need to finish setting up the
FTPbyMail server to let you guys have at the archives  

>PPS:  If this is implemented, could it be split up by month?  There's an
>awful lot of postings going on each second.

Not really all that much.  We're running about 3 - 10 posts a day
(weekends are heavy, weekdays light).  However, the first archive will
likely encompass everything to date (everything from 12 Feb '97), with
subsequent archives being monthly.  Given sufficient persuasion I may also
archive Wout's list, and maybe even the CC'ed list before that -- there's
a LOT of good traffic in there.

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