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On 02/04/97 at 07:50 PM, Furball <K.L.Lo-94 at student.lut.ac.uk> said:

>[stuff about admining individual combat which scares me and I accidently
>deleted :) ]

Your mailer doesn't insert an X-Mailer line, so I'm not sure what you're
using.  However the MSGID strings look like you're running of a Sun box...

A little trick I've found incredibly useful over the years is to install a
simple filter which does nothing but make a copy of every inbound message
to another folder.  Normally I just ignore the copies -- the messages are
still sitting in my normal InBox, and I can process my mail as usual.  The
big gains happen when something goes wrong.  Voila!  No more accidentally
deleted messages, lost threads, questions of who said what, etc, all with
the side benefit that anything can be reconstructed, referenced, or

So, want a repost of what you missed?

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