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On 03/04/97 at 06:23 PM, Nathan Yospe <yospe at hawaii.edu> said: >On Thu, 3
Apr 1997, Michael Hohensee wrote:

>...To tell the truth, loops look like hacks to my
>eyes, and I don't see how _they_ can be coded neatly. Event models, on
>the other hand, can be quite neat. Even without object orientation, I
>would think, though I have not tried to accomplish it myself.

Event based systems are old, as old at least as message based/passing
systems.  Them old fogey host guys (Hi Jon!  <kof>) were doing message
passing systems back when S/390 and S/360 where the freshest and newest
things since sliced bread, and long before anyone even thought about

X is a pretty good and familar example:  Its massively non-OO, and almost
entirely event based (there were non-event hangovers as of X11r3 which was
the last time I got to study the X guts.  X11r6 is hopefully cleaner if
not moderately pristine as an event system).

Emacs is also a pretty decent event based system if you squint and look at
it just right/wrong (I loathe Emacs).

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