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On 03/04/97 at 06:48 PM, Nathan Yospe <yospe at> said: >On Thu, 3
Apr 1997, Shawn Halpenny wrote:

>We have several new people on the list, the majority of the ones we were
>trying to acquire, I believe... what say we do a roll
>call/reintroduction, both for the new members, and to refresh on who is
>doing what. 

Actually I have a few more invitations going out in the next few mail
runs.  (4 or 5 I think).  I expect all to join.  I might be useful if
we'all (is there a southern drawl contraction of "we all"?) spool out
intro texts for general posting to all future new members...

Or of course we could do a FAQ.  <sigh>

>Chris Lawrance contacted me with an invite to the first incarnation of
>this list, and I discovered just how much was left in potential

Actually to keep things accurate, that was the third incarnation of the
list.  Incarnation one was a totally informal email group (I've lost track
of most of them) where we all were working on different MUD servers and
bounced ideas of each other via direct email.  Incarnation 2 was the
original CC: list that most of the core members here came in on (Chris
Gray, Alex Oren, Wout Mertens, etc).  It consisted of simpley enough
massively long CC: lines on all out emails and replies.  Incarnation 3 was
when I suggested we formalise it with a proper mailing list and Wout
jumped in and set up MajorDomo over at Belgonet.

This list is then Incarnation 4, and hopefully the last.

I have full logs of everything except the first list, which occured mostly
on CIX (European BIX) and various BBS'es in the south of England.

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