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>Jason "And I've seen enough X-files to be worried about statements
>  like this "We have several new people on the list, the majority of
>  the ones we were trying to acquire, I believe..."" Goodwin

Welcome to the 6of1 club.

<<Kudos to any who get the reference -- one BTW which I think would make a
great MUD world, let alone a CD ROM game ala Myst.>>

There is a current effort to get new blood into the list.  What we want
are people with new ideas who would contribute to the list and play
constructive devil's advocates.  Remember: any current member can invite
someone into the list.  Cut and paste the invitation you received in the
invitations you send out.  Just, _please_ don't publicise the list in any
newsgroups, MUDchats, IRC channels or similar -- this is not a public

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