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>[Nathan Y asks some questions of Chris L, based on Chris's replies to
>Michael H's questions (or something like that!). I'm going to jump in
>with my replies, which will likely be similar, but different enough, from
>Chris L's.]

Yeah, uhh, right.

>:This code would be what, interpreted, partial (bytecode) compile, partial
>:(bundled pointer) compile, or full (dynaloaded) compiled?

Note: Reply to Nathan's post still pending.

>I believe that as much as possible of Chris L's MUD code will execute

Nope.  I bytecode with conditional runtime on-demand compilation.  The
bytecode is then timestamped (as is the source) and stored with the parent
object to short-circuit future compilations (unless the source or
inheritacen tree changes).

>The question then becomes one of what level the
>changeover happens. i.e. what level of support functions are done at the
>native level? 

Here I part from ColdX, which largely attempts to write their entire
standard language library on ColdC (which is not a bad test of a
language).  Conversely, I've mostly tried to push all the language calls
into native code.

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