self-intro: Cynbe

Cynbe ru Taren cynbe at
Tue Apr 8 23:03:53 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

I'm another newbie on this list.  Always fun to see fellow
mudserver design geeks kicking ideas around :)

I'm 41 RL, currently employed writing (surprise) mudservers,
and for fun I write (surprise) mudservers.  I taught myself
Lisp in '72 and have been hacking pretty much ever since, on
one thing and another -- even done some contract stuff in
AVS/Express, Reed will be glad to hear... :).  I originated
the Citadel line of BBS systems in '81 or so, have hosted
about half the MUCKs in creation, seems like (e.g., all of for a few years) and have been working on the vaporware
mudserver to end all vaporware mudservers in my spare time of
late:  Now going into its fifth straight year of shipping a
beta "by Christmas, honest!".  (  In
its current form, it's a multiuser diskbased bytecoded system
with a vm based on CommonLisp semantics hacked for pre-emptive
multitasking, supporting in principle multiple app languages
but in practice so far only a Forthish syntax, courtesy of
too much time in the MUCK community.  Oh, and its diskbased
with garbage collection and supports transparent distribution
of worlds over multiple servers and that sort of stuff.  And
it will be shipping a usable beta by Christmas.  Honest... :)

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