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Wed Apr 9 19:23:09 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

On Mon, 7 Apr 1997, Chris Gray wrote:

> Perhaps we can come up with a gradient (I'm sure this has been done before!),
> and we can all point to where we are on it:
> 1.  native machine code
> 2.  threaded code
> 3.  bytecode
> 4.  parse tree traversal
> 5.  pre-tokenized interpretation
> 6.  straight text interpretation

Would anyone be able to give a short description of all of these? 
(Especially threaded and bytecode) I have been trying to find out about 
threads - i got the pthreads lib for linux, the docs for that are 
impossible to understand without *some* kind of prior knowledge of what 
threads are - I have heard that the linux port of it isnt very 
good/stable/efficient and martin keegan has gone so far as to advise not 
to use them under any kind of unix..

Also, last week I declared all my code as junk. I'm now considering 
writing my mud in some kind of interpreted language, but efficiency and 
speed is a concern (is there anything else i should also be concerned 
with?). Im not 'definite' about going interpreted tho, although it seems 
highly likely that im about to embark on my sixth complete rewrite :-/

Has anyone ever done an analysis comparing the above 6 methods? It would 
be interesting to look at.

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