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>On Sun, 6 Apr 1997, Chris Gray wrote:

>:[Nathan Y asks some questions of Chris L, based on Chris's replies to
>:Michael H's questions (or something like that!). I'm going to jump in
>:with my replies, which will likely be similar, but different enough,
>:from Chris L's.]

<Gawd I love this attribution>

>::This code would be what, interpreted, partial (bytecode) compile, partial
>::(bundled pointer) compile, or full (dynaloaded) compiled?
>:I believe that as much as possible of Chris L's MUD code will execute

>Not from what I remember...

Correct.  I bytecode.

>::What exactly do your states look like, if you don't mind answering? My
>::'states', insomuch as I have them, are themselves compound objects. The
>::only other approach I am really familiar with is *shudder* Merc style
>::"long state_holder" with the "#define A 1; #define B 2; #define C 4;"
>::bit container method... and I'm sure you use nothing like that.
>:No, nothing like that. I think Chris L. defines properties as belonging
>:to classes (i.e. each class member will have the property with some
>:value), and then inherits from that class to give the property to more

>It'll be interesting to see his reply.

ChrisG is largely accurate.  I have objects which contain internal
attributes (values).  Those attributes are bound purely to that object
and all its descendants.  Children of those objects have local
instances of the attribute, which can have different values
(encapsulation -- EVERYTHING is local, I have _NO_ globals and no
inter-object implicit side effects).  The default value of an
inherited attribute in a child depends on the ctor and other code

>::OK, yours bounce too... but after the entire message has been passed, even
>::if there is no channel for dealing with the input. I really am surprised
>::how many parallels exist here... considering that we are running radically
>::different systems, and the supposedly similar systems to my own have no
>::parallels whatsoever.
>:Chris L's system is quite flexible there. Maybe he'll repost some of
>:the previous examples (hmm - didn't you already see some?). 

Which example are you referring to ChrisG?  (Lost the thread here a
bit -- posting from work (back at HP)).  The old original code I
psoted way back when for containment?

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