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>On Tue, 8 Apr 1997, Reed D. Copsey, Jr. wrote:

>:...I finally gave in and
>:decided it was time to write something from scratch.

>Well, that seems to be catching these days. There are a lot more
>"from scratchers" out there than I remember being around when I
>started to do the same, and more popping up every day. 

I actually suspect that there has always been a lot of from-scratch
development going on.  Its just that most of them either never
finished, or if they did finish, never really say much of the light of
day.  For all the fact that they have a great product, ColdX is almost
utterly unknown to the greater MUD Imp/admin crowd.  Start mentioning
things like Cool, Cold, or Interlude (a personal favourite) and you'll
draw a total blank with most.  Think of how little exposure Uber,
Unter, Yama, etc got back in their day.

>Lets hope this
>is indicative of an oncoming end to the tyrany of the big three...
>oh, and yes, Mud++ is nasty. Like a Diku in C++, with a lot of loose


>Trust me, you won't hold on to the diku preferences long around here.


Aww, come on.  We all sing the praises of DIKU regularly.  Well,
fairly regularly.  Sorta.  Yeah.  Well, at least once or twice a
century.  Okay, we'll sing them, uhh, as soon as we find something
praise-worthy?  Of course we haven't yet...

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