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>On Tue, 8 Apr 1997, Reed D. Copsey, Jr. wrote:

>Yea, as can be seen, I am introducing a goodly number from my
>conceptual camp, the native/advanced internal hybrid types. I've got
>one more, possibly, on the way, one of the people who have started
>Java based muds.

I sent out about 6 - 8 invitations last week, (JeffK, Cynbe, etc), and
most have subscribed by now (I think we're over 30 subscribers). 
Quite obviously most are also lurking.  (Wout, AlexO, Wiggins, Carter,
Dimitri (who actually has mail problems more than lurking) etc).   I'm
also thinking about digging up Dr Cat's address and inviting him,
along with Ola Forsheim...

>:tinkering with a copy of Smith's mud++ code for a bit, and deciding that
>:I didn't like how much of that was written, I finally gave in and
>:decided it was time to write something from scratch.

Not surprised.  I'm very unimpressed with that project, especially
given its auspicious start.

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