Ho hum (clarifiyign AI terms)

Jeff Kesselman jeffk at tenetwork.com
Sat Apr 12 15:11:19 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

Artificial life is a buzz word, but usually it used to refer to genetic
algorithym based "critters".  Im not sure Nerual Nets qualify.

Thsi is a key area of interest of mien, actually. Ive designed an
parameterized evovlign monster for my current projects (DSO II) and have a
ratehr comlicated shop-keeper algortihym that uses a Neural net to encode
and 'remember' oast interractions with paramterized characters (sex, age,
race, clothing, etc...) and thus develop biases towards/against variosu


At 07:10 PM 4/12/97 +0100, you wrote:
>Check out Chris Crawford's Erasmatazz engine:
>It's an 'interactive fiction' engine.  It's a mud without players, the
>user defines the characters and sets up the props (a toy really but
>then, I dislike the guy so I'm biased). The reason I point it out is
>because of the characters, they're effectively artificial life agent (at
>this point, I'm guessing): mini artificial neural nets and such like.
>Patent pending though  (I think it should be invalidated coz I remember
>seeing a listing for a type-in listing which had something similar (C64)).
>Um, oh, I forgot to point out in my introduction:  I'm 20 (for the next
>month anyway), programmed trivial things for 10+ years but otherwise I've
>never had an ounce of training, studying Elect Eng, computer related
>interests include artificial life (before the release of Creatures) and
>game design (esp strategy games).  Tekkie by day and clubber or mud addict
>by night.
>Nathan:  How on earth does your intepreter conducts the risk assessment?
>> shoot rifle at tank
>You sure?
>> yes
>You die but luckily it wasn't painful coz that one had the latest
>vapouriser thingibob (manufactured by Grestel).
>Nathan again:  Back to room coding, have you considered lighting effects 
>in your 3D environment?  If I shone a torch at a wall, it would illuminate
>just the wall in the room.  If the wall was the side of a spacecraft, it
>would illuminate just the local area.  If I poked the torch at a window,
>the insiders see a torch shining through and I could see inside.  If I
>shone a floodlight, the insiders get blinded... (which is why YOU should
>buy flare protection for your cybereyes!)
>Can someone retrieve the old threads on skills?  I'll be quite interested
>in reading through some of the old stuff.  Just thought I'd bring the
>topic of game design back into the mailing list and pollute the optic
>fibres with my presence whilst I'm at it.
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