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Dmitri Kondratiev dima at
Sat Apr 12 19:00:51 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

At 18:33 10.04.97 -0700, clawrenc at wrote:
>I sent out about 6 - 8 invitations last week, (JeffK, Cynbe, etc), and
>most have subscribed by now (I think we're over 30 subscribers). 
>Quite obviously most are also lurking.  (Wout, AlexO, Wiggins, Carter,
>Dimitri (who actually has mail problems more than lurking) etc).   I'm
>also thinking about digging up Dr Cat's address and inviting him,
>along with Ola Forsheim...

Hi ,

I really have mail problems for some time already because of the new mail
server at my work installed by my fellow hacker, sorry :( Still I keep
receiving posts from this list all right.
For last two weeks I was to busy with my VRML Beans project, had not enough
time to look 
 through all the mail I receive from different lists.
Sorry again, but it looks like I missed these invitations. What is it all
about ?


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