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Ling K.L.Lo-94 at student.lut.ac.uk
Sat Apr 12 19:10:02 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

Check out Chris Crawford's Erasmatazz engine:


It's an 'interactive fiction' engine.  It's a mud without players, the
user defines the characters and sets up the props (a toy really but
then, I dislike the guy so I'm biased). The reason I point it out is
because of the characters, they're effectively artificial life agent (at
this point, I'm guessing): mini artificial neural nets and such like.
Patent pending though  (I think it should be invalidated coz I remember
seeing a listing for a type-in listing which had something similar (C64)).

Um, oh, I forgot to point out in my introduction:  I'm 20 (for the next
month anyway), programmed trivial things for 10+ years but otherwise I've
never had an ounce of training, studying Elect Eng, computer related
interests include artificial life (before the release of Creatures) and
game design (esp strategy games).  Tekkie by day and clubber or mud addict
by night.

Nathan:  How on earth does your intepreter conducts the risk assessment?
> shoot rifle at tank
You sure?
> yes
You die but luckily it wasn't painful coz that one had the latest
vapouriser thingibob (manufactured by Grestel).

Nathan again:  Back to room coding, have you considered lighting effects 
in your 3D environment?  If I shone a torch at a wall, it would illuminate
just the wall in the room.  If the wall was the side of a spacecraft, it
would illuminate just the local area.  If I poked the torch at a window,
the insiders see a torch shining through and I could see inside.  If I
shone a floodlight, the insiders get blinded... (which is why YOU should
buy flare protection for your cybereyes!)

Can someone retrieve the old threads on skills?  I'll be quite interested
in reading through some of the old stuff.  Just thought I'd bring the
topic of game design back into the mailing list and pollute the optic
fibres with my presence whilst I'm at it.

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