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>>Check into the base code for your CriticalSection.  I've seen far to many
>>such blobs whose definition of a critical section is that it is the ONLY
>>thread in the application allowed to execute for the duration.  <shudder> 
>>(This how OS/2 and Windows handle their "critical section" API's, and I've
>>seen something similar in a library that shall remain nameless for SunOS).

>Um, this IS the DEIFNITION of a "critical section".
>If you are looking to semaphore a epice fo code, you shoudl write a
>real semaphore and call it such.

Yeah, but he appears to be using the term differently, and I don't
have a good reference to enforce that definition.  From his comments
(and Jon's later additions) he appears to have cheap mutex relabelled
as a CritSec.

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