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[Chris G:]
> One problem I've never satisfactorily answered for myself is that of
> what order to do the checks in. If you have a verb 'plugh' that takes
> a direct and an indirect object, there can be checks/modifiers for that
> verb on the player, in the room, and on both objects. What is the best
> order for calling them? Does it vary from verb to verb? My "generic"
> verb handler code currently does: player, room, direct-object,
> indirect-object. I can't swear that all specific verbs do that, however!

How LPs do it (soz, it's my upbringing, tell me to shut it if this annoys
you :) :

Each player has associated verbs to trigger on, the order the verbs are
checked is whichever was the newest verb to be added.  If I went into a
room with a cup with associated 'drink' verb, that will be checked first
before my character's default one is checked.  If, when I type drink, the
action returns a 1, no other verbs are checked, if it returns 0, then
the next verb is checked.  The failure message can be set so if all the
verbs return a 0, then that message is printed.

What do you mean by 'indirect object'?

About aliases:  Nathan said his system could do 'alias x shoot $target',
how about expanding this to 'alias x shoot %1{$target}', where if an
argument isn't given with x, $target is substituted in.

Another random thought:  How would you think players would respond if they
were by default, oriental?  With a very low chance of not being so (if
they chose human).  I've got a theme reason for this...

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