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Tue Apr 22 20:23:04 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

As of this message I am rolling the list over the Steward. This means some

  1) The subscription process is different.  To subscribe now, send a
message to listadmin at with a message body of "subscribe mud-dev". 

  2) A "[MUD-DEV]" string will be prefixed to all subject lines.  This was
requested on the old list so I dropped it in.  If wished I'll remove it as

  3) Please use the listadmin at address ONLY for list subscription
command messages only.  This is a change from previously where it was a
catchall list-owner address.

  4) In reference to #2 I'm reverting to making coder at the
official list owner address.

If you are going to send out invitations, I suggest the following (note
the changes):


The MUD Design list is not platform, language or game specific, but
concentrates on discussing the design and implementation of any and all
MUD servers and systems.  Another large related topic is game design. 
This does not mean that the details of a specific server or game design
point can't be discussed in excruciating detail, or even that server or
game source can't be bandied about and picked over, just that the list
isn't to become a religious stomping ground for your platform, language,
server, or hobby horse of choice.

The goal is high signal, low noise.

Membership is by invitation only.  Any existant member may invite anyone
they feel would actively participate in and benefit the list.   Please
don't publicise the list on newsgroups or other mailing lists.  

To subscribe send a message to <listadmin at> with a message body of
"subscribe mud-dev".  The system will acknowledge once you are subscribed
(may take a day or two).  If you have problems subscribing please message
the list owner directly at coder at


  From: <you>
  To: listadmin at

  unsubscribe mud-dev



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