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>(2) Enagagement is an important concept for battle strategy.  You CAN
>still have engagement in a one-state if that state is always in
>combat time (see (1))above), but someone was mentioning "just wlakign
>off" so I thought i shoudl mention it.  Engagement simulates the fact
>that seriosu combat is a constant give and take of offense and
>defense, if yo udrop your defenses, even foir a moment, yer gonna get

Having a binary engagement state (in-combat or out-of-combat) also
obviates (or at least reduces) lesser forms of engagement, such as
passing spats, displays of force, etc.  I like the idea that there can
be an I-am-fighting state as maintained by the character-internal
flag, but that for general manipulation, especially for less dedicated
affairs, the situation remains fluid.

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