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>[Chris L:]
>[My mailer can't handle more replies to more than one person]

Err, you are using PINE per your MessageIDs.  It will do that you

>>While not directly associated, an idea I have been playing with
>>(derived from Vance's Big Planet AFAIR) is a MUD where the player
>>characters are a physically weak and ineffectual, unarmoured,
>>generally unaggressive, prey species.  Say roughly the equivalent of
>>field mice.  The surround them with large numbers of active,
>>aggressive, massively more capable and aware, and very effective
>>preditors.  Reverse the game from "Me biggum honcho!  Lookum size-um
>>genitalia!" to one where circumspection, indirect manipulation, and
>>appropriate use of minimal resources are key to survival.  It would
>>be interesting.  I also doubt it would have more than 3 players.

>[My response]

>Sounds like Aliens, everyone love that film but very few people will
>want to be the Marines.  It's too subtle and intellectually
>stimulating on your average mudder (which to me means: 13, acne
>ridden american; or penniless british student).

Absolutely!  That's one of its charms,

>Hope that's not how the mud turns out. ;)  (I'll have to employ lots
>of NPCs wearing red uniforms who'll get beamed down to the planet and

Call it the, "The Captain Kirk Away Team Murder Syndrome".  It comes
right up there with SuperMan crumpling nuclear missiles between his
hands, walking thru armoured tanks, proudly baring his chest to
bullets, walking right up to the dumb perp, and ducking when the perp
runs out of bullets and throws his damn pistol at him.

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