Jamie Norrish jamie at
Thu Apr 24 18:34:52 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

Hi all,

Having only just joined the list, my first contribution is an
introduction. I've been involved with, or perhaps rather interested
in, MUDs for about seven years now, and face to face roleplaying games
for thirteen. I'm also a long-time devotee of Interactive Fiction
(games such as Zork and Colossal Cave) - I see MUDs as almost being a
cross between RPGs and IF, but of course a medium in its own right.

My interests in MUDs have always been geared towards systems design,
in particular the modelling of skills, and the physics of the world. I
began with LPs, and consequently saw the world in terms of such
mechanics, but I have come also to appreciate the completely free-form
approach of some MUSHes. I have yet to resolve any potential conflicts
surrounding this.

More recently I have also given a little thought to how the mechanics
of a MUD can and do act to shape the game element of MUDs. This is
something I'm particularly keen to discuss.


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