[MUD-Dev] Re: Verb binding

ashen ashen at pixi.com
Fri Apr 25 19:01:17 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

[apple tree situation: we want to pick an apple from tree,
 either with verb binding or a global 'pick' verb - how to do?]

: I handle with one of a few simple approaches:

: When an apple is picked, the verb only exists on the 
: tree-type apples, so that is matched.  The verb methods 
: then create a new apple of type non-tree which doesn't 
: have a "pick" verb, and hand that off to the user while 
: destructing the tree-apple.

the verb "pick" should be bound to the tree, IMO, not the
apple.  the tree object handles pick, which makes an apple
and gives it to the player.  or, if it's out of apples, it fails.
that leaves the player's global 'pick' free for such witticisms
as     return (random(2) ? "You pick your friends."
                                  : "You pick your nose.")

on a side note, what are some ideas for handling player 'give'
commands?  i like the point that one player shouldn't be able
to just GIVE another player a grenade, but i'm not coming up
with many alternative methods.
 1) Make players drop the item for the other to pick up.
    (icky - players won't like that at all)
 2) Players have an 'accepting' toggle for whether or not
    they accept given items from livings.
i definitely don't want to prompt them:
  Ashen offers an apple to you: do you accept?
  > (Yes/No) ?
[Ugg-ugg attacks you! Not again! ;) ]

ashen at pixi.com

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