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[Jon L:]
:Cyberpunk 2000 

Can you use any of those without getting into copyright problems? I thought
I had seen posts in the newsgroups about TSR getting upset with MUD people
using their system too closely? Also, those three seem to be round based.
My current system has no concept of "is-fighting" - the player can issue
any command at any time. Implementing such a state sounds like a lot of
work, perhaps moreso for me, since I have no states at all right now.

I sort-of get the same effect with a couple of main things:

    - the NPC's keep track of who last attacked them, and continue attacking
	that PC, regardless of what the PC does
    - if the PC runs away from a fight, an NPC they were fighting has a
	chance to either block them or get in one last free hit
    - if the NPC encounters the PC again, they will continue hitting

So, the state is on the NPC, which is a lot easier to handle!

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