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>[apple tree situation: we want to pick an apple from tree,
> either with verb binding or a global 'pick' verb - how to do?]

>: I handle with one of a few simple approaches:

>: When an apple is picked, the verb only exists on the 
>: tree-type apples, so that is matched.  The verb methods 
>: then create a new apple of type non-tree which doesn't 
>: have a "pick" verb, and hand that off to the user while 
>: destructing the tree-apple.

>the verb "pick" should be bound to the tree, IMO, not the apple.  

The reason I put it on the apple is that I'm definitely moving toward
a full graphical system and I don't want to see a graphic of a tree
full of apples telling me it has no more apples or pick your variation
on that theme such as an almost empty tree with only a few apples
left).  It also allows easy handling of the "apple is out of reach"
scenario and variations.

>on a side note, what are some ideas for handling player 'give'
>commands?  i like the point that one player shouldn't be able to just
>GIVE another player a grenade, but i'm not coming up with many
>alternative methods.

I use the stnadard nested prompts I posted on before.

> 1) Make players drop the item for the other to pick up.
>    (icky - players won't like that at all)


> 2) Players have an 'accepting' toggle for whether or not
>    they accept given items from livings.
>    (maybe?)
>i definitely don't want to prompt them:
>  Ashen offers an apple to you: do you accept?
>  > (Yes/No) ?
>[Ugg-ugg attacks you! Not again! ;) ]


But I *like* thus way!  

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