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In <199704260354.UAA27449 at user2.inficad.com>, on 04/25/97 
   at 10:08 PM, Adam Wiggins <nightfall at inficad.com> said:

>>   Keep the concept of a "combat state" for the player character 
>>   directly to allow easier combat function access.  This is a 
>>   careful distinction -- internal combat state does not affect the 
>>   possibilities and manipulation of the character by the external 
>>   game, or in any way alter the functional capabilities of the 
>>   character (ie there are no motion restictions, no "You can't do 
>>   that!  Your're fighting!" restrictions etc.  All that has 
>>   happened is that his combat packages are now activated.)

>However...analysis of the situation may decide that certain things
>are a bad idea...

Should the server make that analysis, suggest a possible analysis, or
should it be left totally up to the player?

>If I'm wrigling into my jeans, chances are my
>ability to defend is rather low.


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