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>>... and eastern, southern and northern ones too.

>Hmm....  I admit female-dominant socities are rarer but i dont think
>they never existed.  Males tend to be mroe agressive due to hormonal
>balance, but that can be manifested many ways.

Matriarchies aren't even rare in human society, there have been many;
tho the most successful seem to have been matriarchial
succession/source_of_power and paternal ruling.

>In msot RPGs it is a given that the
>players ARE playign the exceptional, abnormal people in society...

I'm not overly keen on that view, at least certainly not to the extent
to which it is commonly taken where Thrud the barbarian warrior can
bench press 4,000lbs _and_ walk 600 miles a day, _and_ master six lore
books before dinner, _and_ ... I'm much keener on the
everybody-is-more-or-less-the-same and then make specific fairly minor
exceptions for the skills and abilities they have gained thru play
(also ignoring species/race/sex/etc distinctions).

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