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Wed May 7 22:36:09 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

The listowner and the subscription address for this list used to be
mud-dev-admin at  This address will be going away, probably within
a fortnight, definitely within a month.  Please don't instruct new members
to message mud-dev-admin, or send mail there expecting to reach me.  It
ain't gonna work much longer.

The correct addresses are:  

  List owner:      coder at
  Subscription:    listadmin at

I'll also note that we've recently had a rash of new subscriptions.  I
know I've been sending out a fair few invitations.  How about all you new
guys posting a simple introductory message giving your MUD background,
interests, and any specific areas you'd like to see changed in MUDs? 
Often we get some really good threads started from these intros.  

Many of the newer members I know are true immersive RP types.  The list to
date has been heavily dominated by programming types.  Don't be
overwhelmed.  Chime in.  We could do with a some good RP threads and
RP-based evaluations of our technical features.  I for one have little
real idea what is and is not important in world ocnstruction for an
immersive RP player (other than the obvious literary continuity, logical
consistancy, etc.  

Just for compleatness I'll repost the text blob I use for list


Subject: MUD Design list invitation

<<insert reason for invitation>>

Would you like to join the MUD Design mailing list?

The MUD Design list is not platform, language or game specific, but
concentrates on discussing the design and implementation of any and all
MUD servers and systems.  Another large related topic is game design. This
does not mean that the details of a specific server or game design point
can't be discussed in excruciating detail, or even that server or game
source can't be bandied about and picked over, just that the list isn't to
become a religious stomping ground for your platform, language, server, or
hobby horse of choice.

The goal is high signal, low noise.

Membership is by invitation only.  Any existant member may invite anyone
they feel would actively participate in and benefit the list. New members
are entrusted to participate in the list for a while,   getting a feel for
the list, its members, and the discussions and  behaviour that go on
there, before inviting others to join.  

Please don't publicise the list on newsgroups or other mailing lists.

To subscribe, send a message to listadmin at with a message body of
"subscribe mud-dev".  The system will acknowledge once you are subscribed
(may take a day or two).  Once subscribed, send postings to
mud-dev at  Please email list related questions to
listadmin at


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