[MUD-Dev] Administrative notes

Miroslav Silovic silovic at srce.hr
Fri May 9 10:50:14 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

> Many of the newer members I know are true immersive RP types.  The list to
> date has been heavily dominated by programming types.  Don't be
> overwhelmed.  Chime in.  We could do with a some good RP threads and
> RP-based evaluations of our technical features.  I for one have little
> real idea what is and is not important in world ocnstruction for an
> immersive RP player (other than the obvious literary continuity, logical
> consistancy, etc.  

OH! I trully forgot my introduction. ;) As you've probably noticed, I'm
heavily involced with Cold, and not just as a programmer. I have lots
of experience with RP-type games, especually RP MUSHes. I'm currently
Istan Weyrleader on PernMUSH, and having a blast each time I connect
there... So I guess I get to start the RP thread.

First of all, it appears to me that more often than not, combat system,
no matter how perfect, tends to get in the way. While I completely agree
that a RP-oriented MUD could be greatly spiced with combat, in practice
it actually takes from the experience as it attracts people to whom
combat is end in itself. From that point, the game degrades into
powerfest, loosing all its immersive value.

I think that the RP game is really succesful if it produces 'Wow! I'm
*THERE*' feeling. The important elements, at least to me, are good writing
(this is the key. Try to hire real writers as builders... worked greatly
for PernMUSH(es)), good characters (don't be ashamed to give classes
on roleplaying. I've seen two months courses with weekly attendance),
and devoted players (how to attract them? Your problem! :) ).

Now, I think that automated VR could greatly contribute to this - if
one were able to deal with 'combat twink' problem. Do any of you
have good solutions to this problem? Perhaps an Ultima-type game, with
fully functioning NPC culture might work?


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