[MUD-Dev] Random plotlines

Ling K.L.Lo-94 at student.lut.ac.uk
Fri May 9 19:09:11 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

On Thu, 8 May 1997, Chris Gray wrote:

> I recall having some armwaving plans about such things a few years ago.
> But then reality stepped in, and nothing has happened with the plans.
> Congratulations to anyone who actually gets far enough to implement some!

I hope to dream up two generators (at least), the easier one will be the
mission generator for military missions and stuff like that, eg:

Spotter mission, go to X, get lock up for artillery.
Objective Raid, run in, grab, get out
Diversionary Raid, run in, play havoc with a larger force and pretend to
	be twice as big as you really are.
Recon, see what the enemy is having for lunch
up to full blown campaign, this sort of stuff is easy, the generator
would have to tie in with world politics.  Planetary assault just isn't
going to happen when a treaty has been signed (unless there's been some
stealthy political backstabs).

The harder plot generator...  What I wanna do with it is to have the
mud pick out some characters or make them, and turn them into permanent
npcs, give them some motives and set them off.  The easiest environment
would be in a large city:

Pick a random house/flat/ghetto.
Make a character or use what is already there, generate family, lifestyle,
	job if applicable.
Choose a scenario, victims, affects.
Advertise: Make headline in the newspapers, global news or grapevine.

Then wait.  If some players decide to investigate, carry on simulating the
npcs.  If not, it dies after some time.  I could have a few of these
things running at any one time.  The npcs generated would have to be made
permanent additions to the database.

Any more thoughts on this?  Oh, will get some more info on this later

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