Matt Chatterley root at
Sat May 10 12:43:32 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

Hi! I started mudding about two years ago, as a player, on LP muds, then
took to playing on RP games for a while, moved upto admin level on one I
played on, and then left to start my own game. I left that a while ago,
too (because of a number of reasons, including RL ones), and went back to
playing on LPs again. I've stayed between the two now - building one LP on
MudOS, and admin'ing on one PennMUSH.

The particular areas of mudding that interest me are aesthetic game design
(what the player sees, gets to do, and why/how it keeps their attention),
as well as internal consistancy in gaming (what is true at A should also
be true at B, given suitable conditions). My favourite theme is probably
medievally-routed fantasy/fiction, since I used to write short stories in
the genre, and love the artistic liscence that it allows. I've also been
somewhat interested in 'clever parsing' of late, although I've not had
time to do any real background research into NLP to get a start (the
recent/ongoing thread was quite interesting though).

	-Matt Chatterley
"Fishing is complete and utter madness."  -Spike Milligan

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