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>...Much as I'd like to get into involved discussions about
>packet forwarding strategies, I'm yet to find someone also interested
>in this (I'd guess that it isn't really on-topic here, either)

In its relevance to MUD design, MUD server coding, effects on same, or
implementation of same for a MUD it very definitely is on topic here.

>One of the things I'm aiming at is getting a decent UI in place (this
>seems to be a popular theme here from the posts I've seen :)

Interface design is certainly a popular one to visit and revist here. 
If you ever get a chance to wander back thru the archives you'll see
that there are few areas this list hasn't traipsed is hairy feet over. 

>About 2 weeks ago, I set up a moderated mud-design list after getting
>fed  up with the level of noise on the merc/rom/etc lists. That was
>roughly 4  days before I was made aware of this list :()

Is the list running?

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