[MUD-Dev] Re: Administrative notes

Todd Lair tlair at mailzone.com
Sun May 11 23:07:01 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

[On 05/11/97 Jamie Norrish <jamie at sans.vuw.ac.nz> said]

>> Risk is crucial for a good game because you can't really have
>> players getting reward for typing in ten commands correctly.

>This is something that has always boggled me when people start trying to
>convert their combat oriented games to a more "role-playing" focused one.
>Why is there still this concern about levels, and advancement, and so
>forth? If there are any rewards for
>role-playing/not killing things, they should only indirectly be related
>to any system mechanics. Becoming the recognised leader of a group
>shouldn't have any mechanics effects *whatsoever* - it's just that other
>characters recognise her as a leader and do what she says.

>It is folly, in my view, to try and keep the idea of advancement based on
>mechanical risk when introducing non-mechanical tasks. Let those who
>fight get better at fighting, and those who heal better at healing, and
>leave it at that.

The only thing I'm using level for is a measure of time between skill
betterment.  That is it.  I need some means to measure the amount of time
a player uses his skills out in the field which indicates when he is ready
for further training.  Out of personal preference, I really don't want to
simply increase skills from their use.   I think it's a bit unrealistic.

If I pick up a book about elementary BASIC programming today, read it
without any prior programming knowledge, and refer to no other
documentation regarding programming, I will not be able to accomplish
much.  My skills will develop slow, and I will, in all likely hood, pick
up some pretty poor habits.  I will probably amount to anything but an
expert in the field. 

I do agree with your view about advancement somewhat, and I'm trying to
remove some of the focus on THE NEXT LEVEL by shifting it toward surviving
through interaction with your fellow characters and mobiles.  Although, I
do want to retain the risk involved and supplied by either death,
insanity, and or anything else I can throw at the character as a
challenge.  What really puzzles me though is why skill betterment is not
viewed as advancement?  I am seriously considering hiding level/experience
from the player entirely, so it would only be a game internal.

As far as risk is involved, the main reason I consider a game worth
playing is if I have a chance at loosing.  If there is no risk of loosing,
where is the fun?


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