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Nathan Yospe yospe at hawaii.edu
Mon May 12 11:59:51 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

On Sat, 10 May 1997, Ross Nicoll wrote:

: On Sat, 10 May 1997 12:40:11 PST8PDT, Chris Gray wrote about [MUD-Dev] Re:
:generic objects, behaviors:
: CG> I'm one of those low-level how-do-I-implement-it types. The only
: CG> alternative I see to the million lines of code is if you have enough
: CG> CPU horsepower to emulate the physics of the world on a small enough
: CG> scale that all of those things will just happen. I don't see that
: CG> being available for a few years at least. "There's no such thing as
: CG> a free ride."
:Well, I've been having thoughts about implementing a few of the simpler
:laws of physics... gravity and force mostly...
:Although, I certainly don't have the time to do it for the server I'm
:currently writing, maybe the next version...
Of course, for me, the name says it all. Physmud++ is centered on that
concept, that the behavior of any object can be reasonably approximated,
to such a degree that players can build their world out of its parts, and
things will act as expected, within a reasonable processing limit, through
the use of a large number of tricks I have picked up as a physicist in
training. Things like thermodynamic and chemical behaviors are essential,
as are the various other organic and inorganic "substance behaviors" and
the exhaustive database of "known substances". One of the critical
limitations in expanding the database of a mud without admin assistance is
that, while a player can construe a new known substance, the substance
itself will not be admissable as a basis for some game object without the
approval of a high level admin. I'd hate to see adamantium (Marvel comics)
enter the game, or a sword made out of ultralight neutron star matter (an
oxymoron, that...)

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