Late introduction

Wout Mertens Wout.Mertens at
Mon May 12 12:09:32 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

Hi all,

Since everybody seems to want to introduce themselves, I will too.
I'm a bit of a lurker right now, which has to do with lack of time, but I
hope one day it'll get better (Yeah, right).
Lessee. I first started mudding when I came to the university, and was
completely hooked on a Circle for about half a year, until that was shut
down by our sysops, and then one of my friends started running a mud as
'vi' (vi using 4Megs ??? I guess that's ok... <sysop> :-)
Soon after that I started coding for it, and then I wasn't hooked on
playing anymore, just coding :-/. That particular mud is BUG (Belgian
UnderGround) Mud, (still running on 6666), and has seen
quite a few shutdowns and serverchanges, although since we got our own
server that has improved (though the provider goes via Finland, which is a
bit silly considering the fact that the server is about 40 km from here)
Anyway, coding on BUG let me learn a great deal about coding in C and muds
in particular, as well as the fact that I started to loathe the style
Circle (which is a Diku derivative) is written in. So about a year ago I
started thinking about writing a new mud, just the way I like it, and
began learning C++. I never got very far in my attempts, but I haven't
given up on them, either. I was just about to start building the Saveable
interface (for streaming objects), when a few fellow coders started
yammering on about databases, and then I looked at databases and then
persistent storage and so on and that was about the time I met Alex and
both Chrisses and before long we had a vivid mailing conversation and
later my mailing list and I still had to start writing my Saveable class :)
But I hope to get some work done during the summer break. We'll see.

Mail you later,


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