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>> (2) Social behavior is foistered primarily when 2 things happen between
>> people;
>> 	(a) Communciation
>> 	(b) mutual respect

>I particularly like that you highlight the second, it's often

To me this also highlights the core isde of the other main difference
between RP-centric MUDs and roll-playing MUDs: roll-playing MUDs are
goal-oriented.  Specifically there is a goal or goals which are
internally defined to the game system and which are attainable
entirely within the game system.  In such models you have the pursuit
of levels towards wizardhood, the compleation of quests, and sundries
like PK championships.  RP MUDs don't seem to define their goals
within the system, or if the goal does happen to lie within the
system, is not obtainable entirely within the system.  Inside this
difference lies the subjective value-add given to good role-playing
players, implied in which is the example of the player who allows his
character to die to forward the "story".

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