Abnother RP paradigm

Jeff Kesselman jeffk at tenetwork.com
Mon May 12 20:22:39 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

I left thsi out of my last post because it takes soem room to explain, but
soemthitn you must have if yo uwant to encourage Rp...


I learned this fro mstudying Never Winter and how people play it. NWN has
some very boring stretches, when one player is dragging the others around
and theya re basicly doign nothing.
Turns out thsi is where most of the interractio nand roleplay happens.

The counter exampel is Quake. How much do peoep lactually type to each
other? Not much, because if you take your finegrs off the controls, yer dead.

For Rp to develop you need a very different pacing from a single player
CRPG (which is a misnomer sicne ther is NO RP ina  traditional CRPG.). You
need short periods of intense activity follwoed by significantly longer
epriods of light activity/down time.


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